Balinese Massage Barcelona

Our rituals are a combination of different disciplines and techniques to achieve a precise objective. Each component is chosen for itself and for the effect it produces in combination with the others, resulting in a fast and effective result in what we propose to improve.

Ritual Tradicional Lulur

Original from the Royal Palaces of Java, the Lulur is a typical Balinese ritual that includes a one-hour Java massage, an exfoliation with the homemaded Lulur (fragrant and beautifying) and a layer of hydrating yogurt. We will finish with a rose bath, accompanied by Balinese infusion and, once finished, a deep hydration with passion fruit milk.

164€ (2h)

Candlelight Ritual

The hot oil produced by the fusion of a Balinese herbal candle, allows us a warm aromatherapy massage with a touch of energetic light. After the massage, we will continue with a relaxing bath with coconut essential oil, a Balinese craniofacial massage and we will finish with a balance of the chakras to promote the healthy flow of energy through your body.

127€ (1h 30min)

Serenity Ritual

Pamper yourself after a non-stop day! Take a step towards paradise enjoying various treatments: Start with an aromatherapy massage for the feets, follow with a Stress Relief massage, which will relieve your back, neck and shoulder tensions. Finish with an aromatherapy bath that will await you along with a good cup of ginger tea.

134€ (1h 30min)

Soft & sexy Champagne Ritual

Feel young and reinforce that youth with this antioxidant treatment. We start with a Balinese massage with grape extract and passion fruit essential oil. Next, we prepare the mixture for the delicious champagne bath and while you relax, we pamper you with a glass of champagne and tropical fruit dipped in chocolate next to the bathtub.

99€ (1h)

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