14º Aniversario Bali Spirit: 30% de descuento en los masajes de autor y rituales con el cupón BALI14

Exclusive signature massages

These massages reflect the excellence of Bali Spirit; they are the crown jewels, the best of the best. They are exclusive, intense and unforgettable experiences, carried out by our best Master Therapists.

Sensations Paradise Massage

One of the most intense experiences in Bali. A dance for two in which you will see, smell, hear, taste and feel, until your emotions are on the surface. Enjoy a sway of sensations that will surelly not leave you indifferent.

489€ (1h 30min) - 640€ (2h)

Santai Massage

How to define an explosion of emotions, a universe of sensory colors? It is not just a massage, it is an exquisite tasting for your senses, seasoned with passion, peace, tenderness and a lot of love. Savor our Eden, smell it, listen to it, feel it on your skin and let us take you to our Heaven.

349€ (1h 30min) - 454€ (2h)

Exclusive Guru

A single person has created all the magic, charm and massages of the Bali Spirit. A successful businessperson, Spiritual Teacher and with more than 20 years of experience, Raquel Jiménez is an eminence and the Exclusive Guru is her massage. Going through her hands and feeling her energy is essential at least once in life, although whoever tries it… repeats!

879€ (2h)

Tailor Made

The best of our menu. A journey through the best-selling massages and, in addition, instantly designed exclusively for YOU, depending on how you feel TODAY. It is done by the best therapists, teachers of the center; so, they also provide an extra knowledge and freestyle. Ideal for demanding people.

299€ (1h30min)

Empire Experience (8 hands)

Breathe, feel the exotic aromas, the sound of the Gamelan filling the room and let the magic begins. Eight hands rest on you, four souls flood your interior with calm, clarity and absolute peace; forget about the world. Give your body the most precious of treasures: a trip to heaven on earth, a unique experience in the world that has given to Bali Spirit international renown. Paradise exists and its name is Empire Experience.

640€ (2h)

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