Classic Massages

We present a range of basic, but excellent quality massages. They include full-body treatments, as well as specific therapies aimed at alleviating specific ailments.

Bali Spirit Massage

The first of our relaxing massages is a simple full-body treatment, accompanied by exclusive Indonesian oils, with natural organic extracts.

79€ (1h) - 99€ (1h 30min)

Relaxing Cranial Massage

Designed for those with a lot of mental activity, this massage focuses on treating the entire skull and face, slowing down the mind, achieving an absolute release of stress and a healthy state. Choose the one-hour option to add neck, chest and trapezius treatment.

54€ (30min) - 92€ (1h)

Healing Energy

The “Healing Energy” treatment is not a massage, but a process of healing and harmonization of the energies of the Being, providing inner peace and healthy states to the body and soul. Ideal for people with altered emotional states, restlessness or anxiety and for people who need to get rid of all those harmful aspects.

89€ (1h)

Lymphatic drainage

The stimulation of the lymph nodes improves the elimination of interstitial fluid and the evacuation of large molecules, this being the objective of the treatment, which is not a massage itself, but consists of very gentle regular manual maneuvers to reduce body volume or as post-operative recovery, among others. It is essential more than one session to notice its effects.

99€ (1h)

Discovery Massage

For those with little time or who wish to taste a little bit of Bali Spirit; The 30min Discovery Massage will allow you to relieve accumulated tension in the back and legs with a short but intense treatment.

44€ (30min)


The different pressure techniques, applied with the thumb, fingers or palm of the hand, will offer great relief to your feet, in addition to healing and balancing your body. Enjoy the one-hour treatment and spoil your feet with a hot bath and exfoliation using crystals from the Java Sea and Fresh Ginger. Round off the treatment with a foot massage with essential oils and enjoy the benefits of Reflexology.

44€ (30min) - 84€ (1h)

Java Massage

Relaxing-decontracting treatment medium – low strength. Suitable for people without large muscle contractures. Its low intensity makes it ideal if you have a low tolerance for pain, caused by pressure during the massage.

79€ (1h) - 109€ (1h 30min)

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