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Girls Moment

A birthday? A bachelorette party? A friend meeting? This is your best option: come to Bali Spirit to celebrate that special occasion. With a minimum of four friends, share all together in a VIP room, an experience with massages, cocktails and relaxing baths. We offer you two possibilities, although we can assemble a pack to your liking: you just have to tell us what you want to enjoy during your visit to our center.

Option A: Thirty plus thirty

The package includes:

  • 30min Discovery massage.
  • Glass of cava and tropical fruit bathed in chocolate.
  • Relaxing Frangipangi flower bath of 30 min.
  • Balinese infusion.

Price: 1h15min/64€ p.p.( Minimum purchase of 4 and maximum of 12)

Option B: The Queens Club

Allow all of you to enjoy a total relaxing treatment that includes:

  • One-hour Java massage (full body and crane-facial).
  • Rose bath with coconut and lavender for 30 min.
  • Jimbaran cocktail for all.

Undoubtedly the best option to achieve a complete disconnection … in a group.

Price: 1h45min/99€ p.p. (Minimum purchase of 4 and maximum of 9)

Girls' Junior Moment (For mommy and little one)

An experience that offers moms the opportunity to enjoy our center accompanied by the little ones of the house.

The package includes: – 30min Discovery Massage – 30min Relaxing Frangipani Flower Bath – Juice and chocolate-dipped fruit

For a minimum of four friends (two moms and two little ones). It is done in a rotating manner.

119€ (Per mommy and little one) (Minimum purchase of 2)

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