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Exotic Citrus Antioxidant Bath

Ideal bath to relax the body and free it from accumulated toxins. Its orange, lemon and chamomile base make it rich in vitamin C which, due to its astringent properties, is ideal for oily skin. Purify your soul with this Balinese bath seasoned with the secret touch of Bali’s grandmothers.

30€ (35min)

Bath of Roses and Essential Oils from Bali

Super beautiful, mystical and magical bath, with an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect. It also relieves headaches and, thanks to its high content of Vitamin B, E and tannins, removes pollutants and toxins accumulated throughout the day from the skin. Bali’s exotic Coconut essential oil will accompany you during this immersion to our magical island.

35€ (30min)