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Spa Packages

Designed for those who like to enjoy the best of each area, SPA packages combine excellent treatments with the simple purpose of enjoying them. Without a doubt, the combination of the best results in something excellent, and excellence is what we want to offer in this mix of therapies.

Mimo Deluxe

  • One-hour Dreamland massage.
  • Lulur Exfoliation (rice powder crushed with 7 species)
  • Moisturizing yogurt layer.
  • Relaxing bath.
  • Deluxe hydration with Tai Chi technique.
  • Royal Facial or Cranial Massage with cervical osteopathy and TMJ: jaws and skull.


295€ (2h 15min)

Nyoman Pack (for Men)

  • One-hour Java massage.
  • Vanilla and Coffee Peeling.
  • Relaxing bath and a glass of cava and tropical fruit with chocolate.

164€ (2h)

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