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Special Woman Massages

You woman, who’s aroma is intoxicating like tropical gardens, relax with the sound of waterfalls and delight in a masterful fusion of flavors from distant Indonesia. Come and taste the Balinese touch with the five senses, raising them to the maximum exponent in this Paradise, a small universe flooded with aromas, smells and textures. Let us strengthen each of your feelings with our dedication and love, and turn your experience into an immense source of peace and harmony.

Musa Ritual

A personalized and spoiled massage, which varies according to each person. Tell us how you feel TODAY, what you like, your emotional state, and, a Master Therapist will choose one technique or another, and build a massage 100% adapted to your needs that day, mixed, if you wish, with personalized aesthetic treatments or energy rituals. We put at your disposal all our knowledge and all our feelings so that you receive exactly what you need today: A massage inspired by you, MUSE.

119€ (1h) - 152€ (1h 30min)

The Gaia Goddess Massage

Exquisite ritual created for you, Woman, and the Goddesses that you carry inside. Connect with your spirit and welcome new experiences and sensations, letting go blocked emotions and stored feelings. Explore different states of absolute well-being connecting with your femininity and feel the warmth, tenderness and vitality that define this exceptional massage.

198€ (1h 30min) - 244€ (2h)

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