Decontracting Massages in Barcelona

The performance of sports, a bad movement or the maintenance of bad postures at work, usually cause the appearance of muscle contractures that manifest themselves in the form of back pain and cervical blockage, among others. Decontracting massages will solve all these problems and prevent your injury from getting worse.

Traditional Balinese Massage

Classic decontracting massage, focused on treating the accumulated tension in the upper part of the body, with special emphasis on the head and neck, through pressure and relaxation techniques, passive stretching and pressure.

103€ (1h) - 129€ (1h30min)

Balinese Sports Massage

Deep massage, medium or high strength (we adapt to your liking). It focuses on the back, neck, shoulders and legs, covering the entire body in front and behind. Ideal for very overloaded, muscular or athletic bodies. We will use “magic” ointments for the especially loaded areas.

148€ (1h) - 178€ (1h30min)

Deep Tissue Shamba Massage

The art of decontracting muscles using strong pressure with large surfaces is the secret of this massage. Notice how the slow and deep movements of the palms, forearms and legs press on your body, making the accumulated tensions disappear. It is one of the star products of Bali.

148€ (1h) - 178€ (1h30min)

Royal Thai Massage

There are many Thai massages in Barcelona ​​but, only in this center, you can find it fused with the Balinese, combining the best of both techniques. Key pressures on the meridians for pain relief, stretching of the most contracted muscles, and finally, hot oil massage with trigger points throughout the body. A complete and very effective treatment.

158€ (1h) - 188€ (1h30min)

Jakarta Ayurvedic Massage

Over 2,500 years old, Ayurveda is the name of traditional Indian medicine. Specially designed for men, this massage combines gentle decontracting techniques with passive stretching. The purpose is to “release” the joints, relieve tension and heal possible physical discomfort or injury. It has slight variations depending on the ailments of each one.

178€ (1h) - 248€ (1h 30min)

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