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A luxury SPA with Balinese essence in the center of Barcelona

To the artistic city of Barcelona, we have brought a little piece of the island of Bali. Our Luxury Art Spa has been inspired by ancient Balinese traditions, blending the senses with art, blossoming from the minds and hearts of the creators of Bali Spirit Spa Lounge.

In our dream facilities, we offer our clients a holistic transformation: with our hands we reach the soul, flooding it with positivism and peace, purifying body and mind, reaching a beautiful physical, mental and spiritual balance. An authentic journey to Bali.

We are international award winners for our artistic creations and our innovative signature massages, full of feeling and warmth. In addition, Bali Spirit is determined to ensure and improve the quality management system by working on the “ISO 9001” certificate and the environmental management systems “ISO 14001 and EMAS”, further increasing the degree of satisfaction of our customers and the excellence of our services.

Experience it.


Leaders in the field of the most exclusive wellness

Over the years and thanks to its excellent quality of service, Bali Spirit has the honor of satisfying the most demanding and exclusive clients. Thus, elite athletes, celebrities, political personalities, etc. are part of an exclusive group of people who repeat their visits to our center with fidelity, finding what is offered in few places: Perfection.

Perfection is the result of a process of continuous training for the therapists, both in technique, emotional involvement during therapy and customer service; constant maintenance of the facilities to instantly transport the client to Bali and the mixture of the latest beauty and wellness therapies with the millenary Balinese recipes.


We bring absolute wellness, which is the wisdom of finding the combination of Western knowledge, expertise and technique with Asian quality.


Who make the best experiences possible. Our team:

Our team of therapists is a conscious blend of the five Essences that can flow in a massage. Strength, peace, sensuality, love or wisdom, are the different personalities found among our masseuses, specialists, each one of them, in the massages with which they most identify. Only the Master Therapists will be able to transmit the five essences, turning a simple massage into an unforgettable experience.

Who is behind Bali Spirit

Balinese therapists, Ayurvedic masters, energetic osteopaths and Bali lovers who have extensive experience in the best Spa Resorts in the world. All of them are hired after a four-month training process with Raquel Jimenez, Guru, Artist, composer and founder of Bali Spirit, who instills in them not only the excellence in massages, therapies and customer service, but also purifies their soul through meditations, homas and shanas, achieving a high state of consciousness that turns them into ten therapists.


Only by reaching this state, the master guru assures that you are ready to work in our sacred and energetic space Bali Spirit. Come and try the Bali Spirit experience.

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