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Any pleasure is doubly pleasant if it is enjoyed accompanied. At Bali Spirit we are specialists in experiences for couples who decide to immerse themselves together in any of our seas full of peace, fun, intensity and well-being.

Massage in the Garden of Eden

Accompany any of our massages with a thirty-minute relaxing floral bath, with scents of Bali. Enjoy the luxury of receiving the treatment in one of our VIP rooms and spice up the experience with a few glasses of cava and chocolate dipped fruit. Turn it into a promotion by performing the treatment with one of these three massages:

198€ (1h 30min)

Eternal Love

Float into our river of well-being and relaxation. Enjoy two hours of a romantic and anti-stress treatment aimed at strengthening the connection between two loved ones and discover why it is the favorite of all couples. The “trip” includes:

Massage to choose for two.

  • Body exfoliation of Kemiri nuts, Mangir or Mocca roots to choose.
  • Tropical bath based on Pandang leaves and other antioxidant vegetables that will also relax the muscles.
  • Glass of cava and exotic fruit snacks or sweets (your choice).
  • Moisturizing lotion for two of Anise Fairies.

Available with all the massages on the menu, in promotion if the treatment is performed with one of these massages:

308€ (2h)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Six Senses Experience

Is our most exclusive and sybarite treatment for couples. We do not want to offer just a massage, but an experience for your senses, stimulating smell, taste, hearing and, of course, touch. The view? It will not participate in this performance, as everything will happen… blindly! We could explain everything you will do, but… we prefer that you come directly to experience it.

458€ (2h)

Paquete Spa Secret Love

For those who like to give unique surprises: make your partner believe that he/she will enjoy the treatment alone, while you await in secret for him/her in a Romantic Candled & Rose bath.  

To the surprised your beloved person we offer:

  • A welcome with a shower of flowers and a Lombok Island cocktail.
  • One-hour Dreamland exotic massage.
  • 30 min of bathing with you!

To the one who prepares the surprise:

  • 30min of Stress Relief massage and surprise bath.

244€ (2h)

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