Relaxing massages in Barcelona

Let our therapists guide you to a calm and peaceful place. Feel the stress and anxiety disappears, and how your mind slowly disconnects from those thoughts and fells that tense your body. Pamper yourself enjoying your time in this oasis and refill your vital energy.

Lampung Massage

Relaxing massage with decontracting details, which combines the use of the forearms and the palms of the hands to achieve the desired effect. It makes special impact on the cranial area and feets, treating them with Ayurvedic techniques, which causes a relaxing effect and improves the health of the person who receives it.

123€ (1h) - 153€ (1h30min)

Dreamland Massage

Signature massage in which the therapist connects with her inner peace and, through slow movements (inspired in Tai Chi), neuro sedative passes and breathing, she will get all her peace to invade your Being, involving your essence in the process and changing your deep mood, going from stressed to harmonious and calm.

148€ (1h) - 188€ (1h30min)

Relax in Shambala Massage

It is also one of the Signature massages of Bali Spirit and its relaxing massage per excellence. Its secret is the increase of the surface harnessed in the massage, using forearms and legs, which apply Balinese dance movements on the body of those who enjoy it. It is an embraced, pampered and intense treatment, essential for those who want to experiment new sensations.

179€ (1h) - 219€ (1h30min)

Angora Massage

It is one of the most difficult and best-selling massages of Bali Spirit. It is soft, silky and shiny, like the fabric that bears the same name: Angora. It is only done by our Master Therapists, who manage to wrap you with their overwhelming energy, connecting and transmitting a deep love through slow and linked movements. It is balancing, restoring and comforting.

299€ (1h30min)

Our 4-hand massage

Signature massage that takes you to Paradise, to absolute disconnection. With four hands, two therapists, two energies totally focused on achieving your well-being. Feel an avalanche of peace flood your body receiving two very relaxing and felt massages at the same time, in perfect synchrony, as if it were a slow dance.

289€ (1h)

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