14º Aniversario Bali Spirit: 30% de descuento en los masajes de autor y rituales con el cupón BALI14

Couple Massage Barcelona

All our extensive menu of treatments, massages, rituals, SPA packages, etc. can be done as a couple; whether on a stretcher or futon, enjoying these pleasures will be doubly pleasant accompanied by that person we appreciate so much, always surrounded by an exquisite atmosphere and the soul of Indonesia.

Bali Balangan Ritual with live music

Surprise your companion, this time matching the rhythmic movements of a Bali Balangan Massage with the acoustic notes of live music. Finally relax with an exotic Jimbaran Cocktail.

In addition, you can add for only €30 more p.p. 30min of relaxing bath during which you will be alone in the cabin enjoying the moment and the exquisite facilities around you.

258€ (1h) - 328€ (1h 30min)

Jakarta Ayurvedic Massage

Dating back more than 2,500 years, Ayurveda is the name of traditional Indian medicine. Specially designed for men, this massage combines gentle relaxation techniques with passive stretching. The purpose is to “free” the joints, relieve tension and heal possible physical discomfort or injuries. It has slight variations depending on the ailments of each one.

246€ (1h) - 298€ (1h 30min)

Dreamland massage

Signature massage in which the therapist connects with her Inner Peace and, through slow movements (inspired by Tai Chi), neurosedative passes and breathing, she will get all her Peace to invade your Being, involving your essence in the process and changing your deep mood, going from stressed to harmonious and calm.

296€ (1h) - 376€ (1h 30min)

Relax massage in Shambhala

It is the flagship of Bali Spirit and its relaxing massage par excellence. Her secret is the increase in the surface that performs the massage, using forearms and legs, which apply movements of Balinese Dances on the body of those who enjoy it. It is an embraced, pampered and intense treatment, essential for those who want to discover new sensations.

358€ (1h) - 438€ (1h 30min)

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